Vintage tools in a row

Limited Edition Vintage Tools

With great pride we offer you this Limited Edition of Sneeboer garden tools: a set created with traditional techniques only. You can recognize these true originals by the handles: made of lightly sanded/oiled Ash wood. We like all our modern improvements, but to honour our long legacy and because we like our craft, we have decided to make for a last time a set of tools the traditional way.

In the old days trees were transported over water, cut into parts with water-driven saws and due to careful craftsmen and drying process made into rock solid handles. The best part of the tree for a handle is the ‘brown core’. To craft this into a handle is time consuming and costly, but delivers the highest quality material. In our modern line of tools we have found a great alternative, but for this special edition series, we have made an exception: 465 to be precise.

Pointed Spade

The Vintage Pointed Spade

The pointed spade is extremely effective at boring into difficult ground and also very useful as a precision instrument in crowded borders. As with all our full size tools this one is manufactured with a longer handle to help reduce back pain. 90 cm T-handle.

€ 131,75
Pointed Spade

The Vintage Border Fork

This border fork is smaller than the Digging Fork but is heavy duty enough to cope with digging over the largest of beds. The overall length of this ergonomically superior digging fork is 112 cm and the 17 cm flat tines will slice through the most compact soil.

€ 143,57
Pointed Spade

The Vintage Transplanting Spade

A unique robust V-shaped tool designed for transplanting trees and shrubs and to protect surrounding plants. With almost surgical precision you can transplant that particular plant without damaging the surrounding plants and root structure. A regular spade is round shaped at the end, due this shape it always slips away from the root, due the V-shape construction is problem is solved. A light weight tool in comparance with all the other spades. With a T-shaped ash handle.

€ 135,00
Pointed Spade

The Vintage Tools range

The range consist of six very limited items, starting from €109,25.

  • Vintage Digging Fork
  • Vintage Border Fork
  • Vintage Pointed Spade
  • Vintage Spade
  • Vintage Border Spade
  • Vintage Transplanting Spade
€ 785,00