The Field Shef

“This will be the most popular gardening tool for our Sneeboer-users, due its amazing display and iconic design”. With these words Jaap Sneeboer presented his newest innovation to the world. The next level in gardening tools: Field Shef. This hybrid combines the incredible Sneeboer designs on the most difficult soil conditions. Combining the strenghts of a fork and a spade, it transforms labour into a pleasant exercise. Perfect for digging, spitting, making clean trenches and cutting. Perfect for the true gardening expert.

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The development of a new breed

In the laboratory of Jaap Sneeboer many of our innovations are born. Sometimes small enhancements of existing tools, sometimes using new materials, like our titanium set. And on a rare occasion a new breed is found. Of course such a revolutionary new tool doesn’t get born overnight.

Field Shef Sketch

The beginning

“When I think of a new tool, I always start of with some rough drafts, then I create blueprint of the tool and provide my team with the directions to guide them through the crafting process.”

Jaap Sneeboer

Field Shef image one

The design

With the inside radius of the blade you easily cut roots or divide shrubs, no bending of the tines due the hybrid “made out of one piece” construction, light and strength, fat clay doesn’t stick to the blade, less resistance, V-shaped forged tines.

Field Shef image three

Finding the right name

“When I took over my dad’s business April 1986 I admired Sheffield”. The Field Shef is our homage, our admiration to Sheffield, the Steel City and its surroundings, known for British Steel, cutlery and where the best English garden tools used to be produced.