Sneeboer Holiday Presents

The green alternative for your business holiday gifts

December is all about gifting. But we know it's hard these days to be original. Especially for businesses operating in the environmental sector there isn't much of a matching choice. That's why we feel that handmade garden tools that last over a lifetime are the perfect Christmas or New Year’s gift for all of your employees, partners, and every other person you want to thank for a prosperous 2018!

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We've carefully selected our 3 most commonly used tools and offer those at a price ranging between €30 and €90 per giftbox. Best of all, for only €5,95 per piece extra you can have the gifts personalized. So if you want to thank your employees and for their great effort on behalf of your company, just have it engraved into the cherry wood handle. Please reach out to us for a special quote, we always respond within 24 hours!

Gift-set Basic

Gift Set 2

The rake gift set is a classic gift set that holds a small hand rake which is a recommended addition to any tool collection. It is ideal for raking up debris around individual plants, small beds or other hard to reach areas. The rake is being adorned by a cherry wood handle.

Price: € 37,40

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Gift-set Premium

Gift Set 1

The premium gift set is the gift set to go for when in doubt. The gift set contains a two-pronged weeder which is great for loosening the earth around the roots enabling the weeds to be removed with ease.

In addition, this gift set contains an ingenious narrowing 16 cm blade of the Flowerbed trowel which allows accurate planting and transplanting of young plants without damaging any existing specimens nearby.

The weeder and the blade both come with a cherry wood handle.

Price: € 88,50

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Gift-set DeLuxe

Gift Set 3

The DeLuxe gift set contains a beautifully made weeding trowel and a newly developed hand held hoe. The weeding trowel is ideal for planting out long rooted seedlings and plants like sweet peas when you require a deep narrow planting hole. Also extremely useful for removing tap rooted weeds (like dandelions) and reaching into difficult areas in the garden for general weeding. All the tools come with a cherry wood handle.

A hand crafted hand held hoe equally at home in urban gardening as well as traditional gardens. A multifunctional tool which can be used with great success in raised beds, square foot planting, balcony and patio growing, heavily planted or mature herbaceous boarders, permanent container pots and window boxes.

Price: € 98,35

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